Carl & Ruby Sanders

By: Heath Goodman

Carl Sanders travels America with his wife Ruby speaking to churches about the urgency of the hour and challenging the bride of Christ to make herself ready! He has been on TBN, radio shows and prophecy conferences around the country. In recent years there has been unfortunate attacks made on this precious brother’s character. There are some rumors out there questioning the credibility of his testimony and involvement with the microchip/biochip technology development.

However, I have personal seen documentation, that in my opinion clears up these allegations. At one stage in his ministry Carl Sanders had gone by Dr. Carl Sanders. He was given an honorary doctorate (similar to Dr. Billy Graham) by the Hong Kong government when He taught over there. He still used this title here in the states until a few years ago when he decided to drop the title to help clear up some of the controversy surrounding his credibility.

I have personal got to know Bro. Sanders as a minister and friend. He stayed in my home and we had much fellowship together. He is a sincere brother with a heart for God. His testimony and message is not solely “the engineer who helped design what might be the mark of the beast.” His testimony is his relationship with God and his message is the gospel of our Lord Jesus.

As I told him about putting his testimony in the magazine and perhaps publish the documentation that would clear up his name, he sent me the documentation and a letter. I have decided not to put the documentation in because it is too space consuming but here is an excerpt from the letter he sent;

Dear Brother Heath,
…I believe God will give you wisdom in anything you write in this regard. I want not to defend but simply state who I am and let the record stand. I am not ashamed of my technical background and my involvement with the microchip projects or my involvement with many undercover agencies. I have asked God to forgive me and because of the shed blood of Jesus I am forgiven and I know this.

I have taken boxes of documentation and confronted those who have come against me and they would not even look at the evidence but as with Steven they stopped up their ears and so after much prayer, God gave me a peace to go on with Him. He said in His Word, ‘I will fight for you!’ and He has done just that.

…Please Heath, understand, I do not want to tear down but to build up the Body and that is why we don’t sell anything and never have. We are not interested in money but souls…

Bro. Sanders

I would like to say to any of you who might have heard or spoken hastily concerning the credibility of this man. Please be careful that you do not fall into the sin of gossip, slander or listen to such! One of the abominations of our God is slander and sowing discord among brethren! Bro. Carl Sanders can be contacted at the following address and phone number;